The Gardens


The Gardens at Cilrhiw extend to approximately 3.5 acres.


garden2Our terraced hillside garden is a patchwork of herbaceous borders and small lawns, accessed by many meandering steps and paths .

It is a haven for wildlife with a wide variety of cottage garden and native plants and grasses.

Further paths lead through rhododendrons and other shrubbery to the mixed woodland above. For quiet time and contemplation there are benches to sit on and a meditation area with fire pit.

The decked area of the meditation lodge is perfect for bird watching, both in the day time; when many hunting birds including buzzards, hawks and red kites circle above Cilrhiw. At sunset watch the sun setting behind the hills as jackdaws fill the sky before roosting for the night. After dark listen to the owls and other night birds. On a cloudless night marvel at the multitude of stars in a perfectly blackened sky. On full Moon nights see the garden transformed with the silvery light. Night or day it is hard to stay indoors at Cilrhiw.

Lost GardenThe Gardens

Once open to the public, our grounds had been left unattended for several years. We are slowly bringing them back to their former glory, and developing them further as a wildlife haven. Therefore some areas may be fenced off for safety.

The Woodland Area

The top of the grounds is heavily wooded and left to nature. This is a quiet sanctuary for pheasants, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs, foxes, and native bluebells, violets and primroses.

There is a private gate which leads to ‘Pant yr Eos’ an 8 acre Woodland Trust Forest, noted for Badgers and Bluebells.

Bird Garden

The view from the dining room is our front garden, this is where  we feed the many birds that flock to us daily.

Watch the Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, tits and  finches no more than 2 feet from the window.

VegVegetable Garden

We have a one acre vegetable and soft fruit garden, which provides us with year round vegetables and fruit.

The vegetables are grown in a series greenhouses, and raised beds they all are grown organically.